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Teen Psychologist





Our services will provide:

A professional interpersonal relationship is built on communication, trust, empathy, safety & non-judgment, so you can explore the issues, & challenges presented to you. 

Our therapists respect all client’s values, beliefs, culture, individuality & your right to make choices. 

We can support with:

Interpersonal relationship issues; conflict within friendships, work colleagues and others.

• Anxiety & depression.

• Unemployment and career goals. 

• Work and life changes - improvement, supporting life goals - work, study, other.

• Improving communication & relationships skills.

Counselling through challenges


We can support with:

Grief, Loss & bereavement.

• Personal issues/challenges in everyday life and change.

  • Life transition into retirement.

• Stress management; supporting coping & positive emotional release. 

• Loneliness and isolation.

Grief & loss


We can support with:

• Social and emotional development.

• Connecting & developing with 'self'.

• Personal growth. 

• Support identify & overcome obstacles. 

• Individual skill development.

• Bullying & harassment issues.  

• Receive support - during challenging times. 

• More....

Stressed, worried, anxious, confused








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