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NDIS Counselling - Adults

At Nurture & Grow Counselling Service we specialize in disability counselling. We understand the disability needs and their presentations being unique to each person and their development. Our professional counsellors provide a safe, non-judgmental, and empathic environment for our clients, doing so opens up the to help you/loved one to share their challenges, thoughts, and emotions. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start, but we are here to guide you every step of the way. We work collaboratively with you/your loved onw and their your supports to achieve your NDIS goals.

Counselling Sessions

Our counselling sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs. We provide a supportive and confidential space for you/loved one to explore your/their feelings and concerns. Our counsellors utilise a range of strategies, developmentally appropriate resources to help you/loved one navigate through their journey. Whether you/loved one needs assistance with managing stress, learning strategies to cope, improving relationships, individual growth, developing communication skill or enhancing self-esteem and confidence, we are here to support you/loved one. 

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What we do! 

1. We can work with you/ family/supports/carers in providing evidence-based interventions and strategies to help develop and build independent living skills.

2. We can support you in adjusting and developing healthy coping styles to improve well-being and individual growth.

3. Assist with working towards NDIS and personal goals.

4. We can support disability employment counselling, career path planning and employment skills building.

5. We can work with you, your carer(s), your supports and advocates to ensure suitable supports are set up.

6. We work collaboratively with all support providers to ensure you are being well supported in reaching your goals. 



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- Self-knowledge, lifelong learning & confidence. 

- Developing knowledge & skills to use personal resources effectively. 

- Increase independence life skills. 

- Support to gain greater insight into work, life, social, wellbeing challenges. 

- Support in working towards NDIS & personal goals. 

- Support with career/vocational choices.


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- Emotional regulation & coping skills. 

- Developing emotional vocabulary.  

- Support with social & emotional development.

- Support building & understanding relationships. 

- Increasing independence in expressive language. 

-Support with understanding verbal & non-verbal social cues/gestures. 

- Support with assertive communication skills.

- Support understanding & clearly expressing personal boundaries. 


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- Emotional acceptance & growth. 

- Developing own self-identity.

- Support identifying challenges, needs & gaps. 

- Support to re-engage in social & community activities. 

- Support to increase motivation &  hope.

- Support with understanding your emotions & those of others. 

- Support with expressing needs & wants effectively. 

- Developing knowledge & building healthy v's unhealthy relationships.

- Building your resilience to manage

life stress/challenges.












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