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Counselling & psychotherapy is a talking therapy that bases itself on building a therapeutic relationship of; trust, providing a safe space to share challenges, feelings, issues & individual goals. 

  • Counselling can be supportive of the here & now issues & support clients in managing their day-to-day challenges more effectively. 
  • Counselling is generally a short-term process, drawing upon the client's strengths, abilities & resources to assist the client manage their own challenges, thus requiring exploring their challenges in less depth.
  • Psychotherapy is a longer-term process & looks to explore the possible underlining challenges of the presenting issues impacting the client's life & generally involves the therapist & the client exploring deeper into the past experiences & life of the client in terms of their human development, thoughts - cognitive & behavioural patterns. 
  • Psychotherapy can be more directive to support people dealing with psychological challenges such as depression, anxiety or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), drawing upon evidence-based intervention to assist the client to regain control over their life, mind, emotions, self-awareness & behaviours. 
  • Psychotherapy will aim to focus on the clients need for emotional relief, maximising solution-focused applications to issues & clients desire for a personal lifestyle change. 
  • Both counselling & psychotherapy aims to support clients in relieving emotional distress, build lifelong skills to assist in managing anxiety, fears or depression symptoms. 
  • Both counselling & psychotherapy can provide you with an objective viewpoint regarding your situation & work with you on the here & now issues you face.  
  • It is your choice to discuss what you would like such as any challenges, issues or personal growth goals & support you to where you would like to be by supporting you to identify a range of solutions for challenges faced.  
  • Some counselling & psychotherapy services such as we do at Nurture & Grow Counselling specialises in specific issues. 
  • Sessions can be face to face, online or telephone - depending on the service. 

Keynote: Counsellors & psychotherapists all have their own style & specific interventions in which they believe may be beneficial. It is always encouraged to explore the counsellor's preferred modalities, training & views beforehand to ensure they align with your views, beliefs & how you would like to be supported. 



What is Counselling & Psychotherapy









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