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What is Counselling


Counselling and psychotherapy are talk therapies focused on building a therapeutic relationship based on trust and providing a safe space to share challenges, feelings, and goals. Counselling is often short-term, addressing present issues and utilizing clients' strengths for effective day-to-day management. It explores challenges with less depth.

On the other hand, psychotherapy is a longer-term process delving into underlying challenges affecting clients' lives. It involves exploring past experiences, human development, cognitive and behavioral patterns. Psychotherapy is more directive and evidence-based, addressing psychological challenges like depression and anxiety, aiming for emotional relief and lifestyle changes.

Both aim to relieve emotional distress, build lifelong skills for anxiety, fears, or depression symptoms, and offer an objective viewpoint on current issues. Nurture & Grow Counselling specializes in specific issues, providing sessions face-to-face, online, or via telephone. It's essential to explore therapists' styles, interventions, and beliefs to ensure alignment with your needs and preferences.









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