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Counselling Young People (12-24)

Transitioning through your teen years & young adult life can be challenging. 

* You may be feeling a little lost, or experiencing internal and external pressures on what to do. 

* You may have specific goals & not yet be sure what to tackle first or where to start!

* You may have finished school & just not sure what you want. 

* You may have changes in your social relationships or feel lonely as the transition from school to adult responsibilities takes effect. 

You may be experiencing family issues, just need someone to hear you. 

* You may be or have experienced online bullying, or in the workplace or other social setting  & having a challenging time navigating this area of your life, thinking there is no answer to this. 


At Nurture & Grow Counselling Service we can support you to have a quiet holding space where you will not be judge, pressured or told to do something.


You will be support to explore you, your needs, challenges you are experiencing & use your skills to work on ways to manage, resolve & positively cope with what is happening for you. 


Young Man in Therapy
Youth Counseling

Supports is available

You don't have to do this alone.

At Nurture & Grow Counselling Service we can support you in a confidential, safe and caring environment. We listen without judgement, dictation & work with you to focus on the here & now to help you refocus on what is important. Exploring options, solutions & things that may support you through managing these challenges. 


  1. Your therapist will support you to unpack these pressures at your pace. 

  2. Your therapist will support you to communicate & explore options, hear your voice & explore possible solutions with you. 

  3. We can support you through implementing the changes you need to manage the challenges you face. 









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