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Depression can occur at any point in your life and can impact each and everyone one of us differently ranging from behaviour changes, physical symptoms and changes in thoughts. Often during this time your everyday activities and functioning can be impacted.


Depression is not just someone having a few bad days. What we look out for is if there are more than two weeks where you or a loved one has been identifying with: low moods, irritability, sleeping issues, change in usual activities, loss of interest in activities, isolating self, relying on alcohol or other substances, concentration is not the same, feeling hopelessness, overwhelmed,  it is strongly suggested to seek help from GP/Counselling/other supports.


If your symptoms are left untreated this can significantly impact your mental health & your physical health.


If you or a loved one is self-harming or talking/thinking about suicide immediately call '000' & request help. 

At Nurture & Grow Counselling Service our therapists are trained & experienced in interventions that can help reduce depression symptoms by:

- Talking through your concerns, in a safe space where you can share your thoughts, feelings & without judgement.

- Support you through problem-solving & solution-focused thinking & activities to support you with challenges faced. 

- Assess & support with you through navigating the need for referral for more supports. 

- Assist in identifying your challenges, avoidance, stresses & help build skills to improve positive/ healthy coping skills.

- Use positive behaviour strategies & start to regain your life back.

- Support with identifying problem thinking patterns & modifying those with more positive, realistic views.

- Support & encourage activities that are positive, rewarding & meaningful. 








Disclaimer: This information is for general information purposes only. This is not to be used for diagnosis. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms or alike signs consult with health professional & seek referral for support.

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