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Relationships with our friends, colleagues, peers, families & others can be challenging & can result in interpersonal conflict or social isolation. Relationship challenges & interpersonal conflicts can be hard to understand & navigate on your own.


Sometimes we might find it challenging to deal with certain people & how we respond to them.  Often this can take time to learn different ways to communicate effectively & in a healthy way such as using conflict resolution skills, assertive communication- sharing your needs & thoughts respectfully. As a result, this can cause conflict - internally for you & externally for the situation in which it leaves you in. Conflict isn’t always a bad thing, it is how we respond & what happens within ourselves & the actions we create that can be challenging. Conflict can help us learn about ourselves & others in our life.


At Nurture & Grow Counselling Service we can support you with:

- Hearing what you have to say & how you felt. 

- Placing no judgement on what you express. 

- Provide you with some possible understanding of the issues.

- Having someone to provide an objective view of the situation. 

- Assisting you to communicate your needs & experiences in a safe space. 

- Understanding the importance of relationships.

- Supporting you through repairing the relationships - if this is what you choose.

- Assisting you to identify positive & negative relationships. 









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