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Stress Management 

Stress occurs when the pressure of the situation exceeds what we are able to manage; mentally, physically, & emotionally.


We need to be careful with how much stress we experience because this can impact many areas of our life, our health & wellbeing.


At Nurture & Grow Counselling Service we can support you to identify these areas causing stress, help you draw upon your resources, support with a range of positive coping strategies, identify your strengths to help you move through these times, as well as build skills to better manage - now & future.


Take the STRESS CHECK QUIZ below & see if there are things that may be happening that you may not be recognising. 




1. Are you noticing a change in your usual behaviour, how you are treating yourself, or how you are responding to others?

2. Are your relationships being negatively impacted?

3. Are you having difficulties with your sleeping habits: excessive or disrupted sleep?

4. Are you drinking more alcohol or using illicit substances to help manage & cope? 

5. Are you experiencing stressful life events & unable to get clarity?:

* Difficult situations or challenges with change.

* Everyday life pressures.

* Job loss.

* Exams stress. 

* Workplace pressures or disciplinary concerns.

* Transitioning into retirement or challenges with retirement.

* Family and friendship stress.

* Financial stress.

* Caregiver stress.

* Challenges with illness.

* Life uncertainty stress. 


If you have answered yes to any of these, this is the time to stop, reassess & make changes that can positively change the level of stress & its impact.

Give us a call & we can help you, you are not alone. 








Disclaimer: This information is for general information purposes only. This is not to be used for diagnosis. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms or alike signs consult with health professional & seek referral for support.

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